Friday, May 31, 2013

Surviving Freshman Year Pt.3 Tips N' Tricks

General Study Tips

  • Use Cornell Notes as a way to organize your note taking and have a much easier way of finding information.
  • Leave a certain time of your day every day to study and or do homework.
  • Never leave your homework laying around. 
  • Set realistic goals, if you fall down to a D- start with little improvements and work your way up, dont expect to get an A+ after doing 1 or 2 assignments.

General Tips

  • Always, ALWAYS carry a pencil with you to all classes!
  • If you find you often don't have time to eat breakfast in the morning you can always go to school breakfast in the cafeteria, it still costs money, but is a great alternative.
  • Never leave your stuff laying around, people are thieves!
  • If it's something you would need to lie about, its probably not a good idea.
  • Be honest to yourself.
  • Invest your time in something worth spending time on, COD might be fun, but in the long run, getting a good education is more important.
  • Honesty is always a good last resort.
  • Don't make assumptions, people in high school will have their reasons for why they do things that you might not know, if your curious just ask!

Surviving Freshman Year Pt. 2 Fitting In

What To Watch Out For

            When heading into high school there are a few things you should expect, one is what people will think of you. You should definitely be yourself, but at the same time there are things you can do to avoid getting harassed, made fun of, or bullied. The biggest thing to worry about is hygiene, you're at a stage in your life where you should be showering everyday at least once, having a clean body will help you gain confidence and also look more attractive.  Along with hygiene you should make sure to dress in clothes your size, if you are not confident  with your size you can always wear baggy clothes like sweatpants or hoodies. Being confident in yourself will show others that you are proud of who you are, and them saying things is not going to affect you in any way.

 How To Find Your Group

High school will go by a lot faster the more you are involved, finding a group of friends with similarities to you that enjoy spending time in the same way you do will make your year go by a lot faster and be more exciting. There are many after school activities that you can do to pass time, for example if you are athletic there are a wide varieties of sports you can join as well as track and field. If you are not as athletic you can join chess club or theater. No matter who you are and what your interests are you can always find a group that interests you and is fun too.

Surviving Freshman Year Pt. 1

Keeping Your Schedule

            One of the first things you will need to quickly catch on to is managing your time and being able to stay organized under a lot of pressure. An easy way to manage this is to have a journal or calendar with important due dates and events, when you finish something on your list of things you need to check it off, and begin working on the next task. 

Developing A Habit

           Another thing that you will need to develop is a habit of getting homework done. The sooner you catch on and maintain a schedule for when you will do things and following through on them, the better you will be at staying ahead of your school work. Once you're behind it's a lot harder to catch up because not only do you have to do your late work but you're still getting assigned more work every day.